Khangle was launched in 2014 as a fashion brand by the former's name: Khang Le (Tin Tin). The label embodies a wide range of luxury products inspired by Prêt-à-Porte, high fashion look also mixing with "Avant-garde" and unique styles. Not just that, Khangle also extended to many other fashion merchandises including shoes, purses, bags, and jewelry. 
Not just stop at designing clothes, Khangle also working with modeling and photography. Khangle's model group was launched in 2015, he managed and trained his models with many techniques, tips, and provide photoshoot for the models.
Fashion show that Khangle attended and directed such as:
 "Who Am I" fashion show
"Evolution" Fashion show
"Internation fashion show.
and one of the biggest fashion event in the world: INternational Fashion Week 2015-2016 in Japan and Vietnam. 
Modeling for Goldwell Hair products, Trendzoom 2015-2016-2017
Modeling for International Beauty Festival 
1st place model of "Perdo King " in vietnam in 2016
Teen models at the age of 15 for Yeah1 Network

"Khangle the Fashion" also had his collection showcased at Syracuse Fashion Week 2017 and appeared on the news of WKTV9 for raising the charity to breast cancer community.